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Air Display Frequencies

Air Display Frequencies

CAA Events

121.17500CAA Events Use PRIMARY
130.62500CAA Events Use PRIMARY
130.67500CAA Events Use PRIMARY
132.90000CAA Events Use PRIMARY
134.55000CAA Events Use PRIMARY

One (or more) of these frequencies will usually be allocated as the air-show frequency.

In some cases though, one of the airport's frequencies might be used as the air-show frequency.

Display Team Frequencies

Frequency:Display Team:Website:
118.000Team Guinot
118.325Breitling Jet Team
120.800Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
121.050The Blades
122.700Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
123.250Britten Norman Islander Team
124.450Aerostar Yak Display Team
126.800Royal Jordanian Falcons
129.025Breitling Jet Team
130.500Team Aquilla
130.700Hunter Aerobatic Team
135.175Los Halcones (Chile)
135.675Esquadrilha da Fuma├ža (Brazil)
136.000Sarang (India)
136.975Blue Eagles Helicopter Display Team
The Blades
139.625Patrouille de France
140.600Freece Tricolori
141.075French Army TBM
141.825Patrouille de France
142.125Turkish Stars
143.100Patrouille de France
225.750Turkish Stars
232.550Black Cats Helicopter Display Team
237.800Blue Angels
238.900F22 Raptor Demo Team
241.950Team Aquilla
243.450Red Arrows
250.975Blue Angels
252.000Blue Eagles Helicopter Display Team
252.500Team Aquilla
255.025Netherlands Air Force PC-7
255.200Blue Angels
261.150Asas De Portugal
263.250Freece Tricolori
264.150Army Air Corps Historic Aircraft Flight
Blue Eagles Helicopter Display Team
264.400Turkish Stars
266.725Black Cats Helicopter Display Team
275.350Blue Angels
280.250Patrouille de France
280.475Black Cats Helicopter Display Team
284.250Blue Angels
290.225F22 Raptor Demo Team
292.700F22 Raptor Demo Team
300.000Krila Oluje (Croatia)
302.100Blue Angels
305.500Blue Angels
307.175Netherlands Air Force PC-7
312.350Patrouille Suisse
340.300Patrouille de France
346.500Blue Angels
351.825Freece Tricolori
359.450Patrouille Suisse
362.625Freece Tricolori
373.650Army Air Corps Historic Aircraft Flight
375.450Patrouille Suisse
376.025F22 Raptor Demo Team
382.600Blue Eagles Helicopter Display Team
397.400RAF Falcons Team

Other Useful Frequencies

123.450Common Air to Air

Take off and landing of aircraft at an air-show will be usually handled on the local control tower frequency.

London Control Frequencies

London Control Frequencies

118.050Birmingham RadarBirmingham (EGBB)Intermediate Director (BB INT)
118.075City TowerLondon City (EGLC)Aerodrome (LC AIR)
118.300Birmingham TowerBirmingham (EGBB)Aerodrome (BB AIR)
118.400City TowerLondon City (EGLC)Standby
118.450Liverpool DirectorLiverpool (EGGP)Final Director (GP FIN)
118.480London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 14 - Clacton West (S14)
118.500Heathrow TowerLondon Heathrow (EGLL)Aerodrome South (LL AIR S)
118.575Manchester RadarManchester (EGCC)Intermediate Director South (CC INT S)
118.625Manchester TowerManchester (EGCC)Aerodrome North (CC AIR N)
118.700Heathrow TowerLondon Heathrow (EGLL)Aerodrome North (LL AIR N)
118.700Edinburgh TowerEdinburgh (EGPH)Aerodrome (PH AIR)
118.775Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlSector 29 (S29)
118.800Glasgow TowerGlasgow (EGPF)Aerodrome (PF AIR)
118.825London ControlLondon Terminal ControlNorth East Departures (NE DEPS)
118.950Gatwick DirectorTC Gatwick (EGKK)Gatwick Final Director (KK FIN)
118.975Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreStandby
119.075Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreLower North Sector
119.100Glasgow RadarGlasgow (EGPF)Intermediate Director (PF INT)
119.150Cardiff RadarCardiff (EGFF)Radar/Lower Airspace Radar Service
119.300Glasgow DirectorGlasgow (EGPF)Final Director (PF FIN)
119.400Manchester TowerManchester (EGCC)Aerodrome South (CC AIR S)
119.525Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlTrent Sector (TRENT)
119.700Newcastle TowerNewcastle (EGNT)Aerodrome (NT AIR)
119.725Heathrow DirectorTC Heathrow (EGLL)Intermediate Director North (LL INT N)
119.775London ControlLondon Terminal ControlNorth West Departures (NW DEPS)
119.850Liverpool RadarLiverpool (EGGP)Intermediate Director (GP INT)
119.875Scottish InformationScottish Area ControlFlight Information Service
120.005Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreStandby
120.025London ControlStandby
120.050Dublin ControlDublin Area Control CentreStandby
120.175London ControlLondon Terminal ControlTimba Sector (TIMBA)
120.300Leeds TowerLeeds Bradford (EGNM)Aerodrome (NM AIR)
120.400Heathrow DirectorTC Heathrow (EGLL)Final Director (LL FIN)
120.475London ControlLondon Terminal ControlSouth Standby
120.525London ControlLondon Terminal ControlBiggin Sector (BIG)
120.625Essex RadarTC Stansted (EGSS)Stansted Intermediate Director (SS INT)
120.915Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlFlevo Sector
120.935Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlHolstein Sector
121.025London ControlLondon Terminal ControlCowly West Sector (COWLY W)
121.200Edinburgh RadarEdinburgh (EGPH)Intermediate Director (PH INT)
121.225London ControlLondon Terminal ControlRedfa Sector (REDFA)
121.250Plymouth MilPlymouth MilitaryWest Sector ICF
121.275London ControlLondon Terminal ControlBovingdon Sector (BNN)
121.325Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlStandby East
121.350Manchester DirectorManchester (EGCC)Final Director (CC FIN)
121.375Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlGalloway North Sector (GAL N)
121.500London/Scottish CentreDistress & DiversionInternational Distress
121.700Heathrow GroundLondon Heathrow (EGLL)Ground Movement Controller South (LL GMC S)
121.700Manchester DeliveryManchester (EGCC)Ground Movement Planner (CC GMP)
121.700Glasgow GroundGlasgow (EGPF)Ground Movement Controller (PF GMC)
121.725Stansted GroundLondon Stansted (EGSS)Ground Movement Controller (SS GMC)
121.725Newcastle GroundNewcastle (EGNT)Ground Movement Controller (NT GMC)
121.750Luton GroundLondon Luton (EGGW)Ground Movement Controller (GW GMC)
121.750Edinburgh GroundEdinburgh (EGPH)Ground Movement Controller (PH GMC)
121.800Leeds DeliveryLeeds Bradford (EGNM)Ground Movement Planner (NM GMP)
121.800Gatwick GroundLondon Gatwick (EGKK)Ground Movement Controller (KK GMC)
121.800Birmingham GroundBirmingham (EGBB)Ground Movement Controller (BB GMC)
121.825City GroundLondon City (EGLC)Ground Movement Controller (LC GMC)
121.850Heathrow GroundLondon Heathrow (EGLL)Ground Movement Controller West (LL GMC W)
121.850Manchester GroundManchester (EGCC)Ground Movement Controller (CC GMC)
121.885Luton DeliveryLondon Luton (EGGW)Ground Movement Planner (GW GMP)
121.900Heathrow GroundLondon Heathrow (EGLL)Ground Movement Controller North (LL GMC N)
121.925Birmingham DeliveryBirmingham (EGBB)Ground Movement Planner (BB GMP)
121.925Bristol GroundBristol (EGGD)Ground Movement Controller (GD GMC)
121.950Gatwick DeliveryLondon Gatwick (EGKK)Ground Movement Planner (KK GMP)
121.950Stansted DeliveryLondon Stansted (EGSS)Ground Movement Planner (SS GMP)
121.950Liverpool GroundLiverpool (EGGP)Ground Movement Controller (GP GMC)
121.975Heathrow DeliveryLondon Heathrow (EGLL)Ground Movement Planner (LL GMP)
122.980Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreNorthern Oceanic Transition Area (NOTA)
123.225London ControlStandby
123.700Amsterdam RadarAmsterdam Area ControlSector 5
123.775Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlAntrim Sector (ANT)
123.800Stansted TowerLondon Stansted (EGSS)Aerodrome (SS AIR)
123.850Amsterdam RadarAmsterdam Area ControlSector 3 (Outbounds)
123.900London ControlLondon Terminal ControlLambourne Sector (LAM)
123.950Shanwick ClearanceOceanic Area Control CentreOceanic Clearance
124.050Scottish MilScottish MilitarySTC Exercises
124.150Plymouth MilPlymouth MilitaryEast ICF
124.175Shanwick ControlOceanic Area Control CentreVHF Frequency
124.225Gatwick TowerLondon Gatwick (EGKK)Aerodrome (KK AIR)
124.375Newcastle RadarNewcastle (EGNT)Radar (NT INT)
124.475Heathrow TowerLondon Heathrow (EGLL)Standby
124.500Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlTay Sector
124.600London InformationLondon Area ControlFlight Information Service East Sector
124.650Dublin ControlDublin Area Control CentreStandby
124.700Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreLower South Sector
124.750London InformationLondon Area ControlFlight Information Service West Sector
124.825Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlGalloway South Sector (GAL S)
124.875Amsterdam RadarAmsterdam Area ControlSector 2 (Outbounds)
124.925London ControlLondon Terminal ControlDagga Sector (DAGGA)
125.000Brussels ControlBrussels Area ControlLuxembourg Sector
125.100Dublin ControlDublin Area Control CentreStandby
125.250Glasgow Radar/DirectorGlasgow (EGPF)Standby
125.275Anglia RadarNATS Aberdeen - AngliaAnglia Radar
125.475London InformationLondon Area ControlFlight Information Service North Sector
125.550Stansted TowerLondon Stansted (EGSS)Standby (SS AIR)
125.575Leeds RadarLeeds Bradford (EGNM)Radar (NM RAD)
125.625Heathrow RadarTC Heathrow (EGLL)Special VFR
125.650Bristol RadarBristol (EGGD)Lower Airspace Radar Service (LARS)
125.680Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlRathlin East Sector (RAT E)
125.750Amsterdam RadarAmsterdam Area ControlSector 4
125.825Newcastle RadarNewcastle (EGNT)Director (NT FIN)
125.850Cardiff RadarCardiff (EGFF)Airway Control
125.875Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreNorthern Oceanic Transition Area (NOTA)
125.950Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlManchester Sectors Standby
125.980Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlOlno High Sector
126.075London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 6 - Berry Head (S06)
126.250Dublin ControlDublin Area Control CentreSouth Sector
126.300Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlTalla South Sector (TAL S)
126.350Liverpool TowerLiverpool (EGGP)Aerodrome (GP AIR)
126.725Luton TowerLondon Luton (EGGW)Standby (GW AIR)
126.780London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 11 (S11)
126.825Gatwick DirectorTC Gatwick (EGKK)Gatwick Intermediate Director (KK INT)
126.875London ControlLondon Area ControlNorth Group Standby
126.925Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlMontrose Sector (MONTR)
127.105London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 28 - Daventry North (S28)
127.130Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreStandby
127.225Brussels ControlBrussels Area ControlWest High Sector
127.275Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlWestcoast Sector
127.430London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 2 - London Upper Sector East (S02)
127.450London MilLondon Joint Area Organisation (LJAO)North West Sector ICF (Console 44)
127.500Shannon InformationShannon Area Control CentreFlight Information Service
127.525Heathrow DirectorTC Heathrow (EGLL)Standby
127.650Shanwick ClearanceOceanic Area Control CentreOceanic Clearance
127.700London ControlLondon Area ControlWest Group Standby
127.825London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 22 - Hurn (S22)
127.880London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 34 - Daventry North (S34)
127.900Shanwick ControlOceanic Area Control CentreVHF Frequency
127.950London ControlLondon Terminal ControlVaton Sector (VATON)
128.025City RadarTC Thames (EGLC/EGKB)London City Radar
128.050Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlWallasey Sector (WAL)
128.125London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 10 (S10)
128.160London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 13 - Clacton West (S13)
128.200Brussels ControlBrussels Area ControlHuldenberg Sector
128.250London MilLondon Joint Area Organisation (LJAO)South East Sector ICF (Console 42)
128.425London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 17 - Lydd (S17)
128.450Brussels ControlBrussels Area ControlEast High Sector
128.475London ControlLondon Terminal ControlWelin East Sector (WELIN E)
128.575Amsterdam RadarAmsterdam Area ControlSector 2 (Inbounds)
128.675Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlNorth Upper Sector (NTHUP)
128.700London MilLondon Joint Area Organisation (LJAO)Central Sector ICF (Console 40)
128.750Luton DirectorTC Luton (EGGW)Final Director (GW FIN)
128.800Brussels ControlBrussels Area ControlNorth Low Sector
128.815London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 36 - Exmor (S36)
128.925Anglia RadarNATS Aberdeen - AngliaAnglia Radar
128.975Edinburgh DirectorEdinburgh (EGPH)Final Director (PH FIN)
129.025Gatwick DirectorTC Gatwick (EGKK)Standby
129.050London ControlStandby
129.075London ControlLondon Terminal ControlOckham Sector (OCK)
129.100Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlRathlin West Sector (RAT W)
129.175Dublin ControlDublin Area Control CentreNorth Sector
129.205London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 27 - Daventry South (S27)
129.225Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlMoray Sector (MORAY)
129.275London ControlLondon Terminal ControlLorel Sector (LOREL)
129.300Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreStandby
129.375London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 8 - Strumble (S08)
129.425London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 20 (S20) / Sector 21 (S21) - Hurn
129.550Luton RadarTC Luton (EGGW)Luton Intermediate Director (GW INT)
129.575Brussels ControlBrussels Area ControlEast Low Sector
129.600London ControlLondon Terminal ControlSaber Sector (SABER)
129.665Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreStandby
130.925London ControlLondon Terminal ControlWelin West Sector (WELIN W)
130.950Amsterdam RadarAmsterdam Area ControlSector 3 (Inbounds)
130.975Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlTalla North Sector (TAL N)
131.000Birmingham DirectorBirmingham (EGBB)Final Director (BB FIN)
131.050Western RadarWestern RadarStandby
131.100Brussels ControlBrussels Area ControlWest Low Sector
131.125London ControlLondon Terminal ControlNorth West Arrivals (NW ARR)
131.150Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreUpper Sector
131.225Scottish MilScottish MilitarySouth Sector Secondary
131.325Birmingham Radar/DirectorBirmingham (EGBB)Standby
131.380Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlSolling High Sector
132.085Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlZeeland Sector
132.150Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreUpper Sector
132.165London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 25 - London Middle Sector West (S25)
132.205Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlKoksy Sector
132.300Western RadarWestern RadarWestern Radar
132.315Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlLuxembourg High Sector
132.550Luton TowerLondon Luton (EGGW)Aerodrome (GW AIR)
132.575Dublin ControlDublin Area Control CentreStandby
132.605London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 26 - London Middle Sector East (S26)
132.615Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlRuhr Sector
132.635Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlDelta Sector
132.700Thames RadarTC Thames (EGLC/EGKB)Radar
132.730Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlCentral Sector (CENTRAL)
132.750Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlKoksy High Sector
132.840London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 1 - London Upper Sector West (S01)
132.855Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlOlno Sector
132.860London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 4 (S04)
132.865Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlCelle High Sector
132.950London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 9 - Lands End (S09)
133.050Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlIsle of Man Sector (IOM)
133.075London ControlLondon Terminal ControlCowly East Sector (COWLY E)
133.100Cardiff TowerCardiff (EGFF)Aerodrome (FF AIR)
133.125Leeds RadarLeeds Bradford (EGNM)Standby (NM RAD)
133.175London ControlLondon Terminal ControlWillo Sector (WILLO)
133.200Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlStandby West
133.215Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlMunster High Sector/Jever & Delta Secondary
133.300London MilLondon Joint Area Organisation (LJAO)South West Sector Secondary
133.325London MilLondon Joint Area Organisation (LJAO)North East Sector Secondary
133.350Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlLuxembourg Sector
133.360Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreStandby
133.450London ControlLondon Terminal ControlSouth East Low Sector (SE LOW)
133.525London ControlLondon Area ControlEast Group Standby
133.600London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 5 - Brecon (S05)
133.675Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlHebrides Sector (HEBRIDIES)
133.705London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 3 (S03)
133.710Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlNicky High Sector
133.775Dublin ControlDublin Area Control CentreStandby
133.800Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlEast Sector (EAST)
133.850Bristol TowerBristol (EGGD)Aerodrome (GD AIR)
133.855Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlMunster Sector
133.875Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlHumber Sector (HUMBER)
133.900London MilLondon Joint Area Organisation (LJAO)West Sector ICF (Console 33)
133.940London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 12 - Clacton East (S12)
133.955Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlCelle Sector
133.975London ControlLondon Terminal ControlEast, North, Midland & Capital Standby
134.125London ControlLondon Terminal ControlSouth West Departures (SW DEPS)
134.225Gatwick TowerLondon Gatwick (EGKK)Standby (KK AIR)
134.250London ControlStandby
134.260Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreStandby
134.280Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreStandby
134.300Scottish MilScottish MilitaryICF (North Primary, South Secondary)
134.375Amsterdam RadarAmsterdam Area ControlSector 1
134.390London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 32 - Daventry South (S32)
134.425Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlStafa Sector (STAFA)
134.460London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 24 - London Upper Sector North (S24)
134.475Scottish MilScottish MilitarySouth West & Central Area
134.705Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlJever High Sector
134.710Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlSolling Sector
134.750London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 23 - Bristol (S23)
134.775Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlTyne Sector (TYNE)
134.900London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 15 - Dover Low (S15)
134.975Heathrow DirectorTC Heathrow (EGLL)Intermediate Director South (LL INT S)
135.000Manchester RadarManchester (EGCC)Intermediate Director North (CC INT N)
135.050London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 19 - Hurn (S19)
135.075London MilLondon Joint Area Organisation (LJAO)North East Sector ICF
135.150London MilLondon Joint Area Organisation (LJAO)South West Sector ICF (Console 35)
135.230Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreUpper Sector
135.250London ControlLondon Area ControlBerry Head Standby
135.255London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 35 - Pembroke (S35)
135.275London MilLondon Joint Area Organisation (LJAO)East Sector ICF
135.325London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 18 - Seaford (S18)
135.425London ControlLondon Terminal ControlLogan Sector (LOGAN)
135.490Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlRuhr High Sector
135.530Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlDean Cross South Sector (DCS S)
135.580London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 7 (S07)
135.600Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreShannon Oceanic Transition Area (SOTA)
135.625London MilLondon Joint Area Organisation (LJAO)East Sector Secondary
135.730Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreUpper Sector
135.800London ControlLondon Terminal ControlCompton Sector (CPT)
135.855Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlDean Cross North Sector (DCS N)
135.925Scottish MilScottish MilitarySouth Sector ICF
135.980Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlNicky Sector
135.985Shannon ControlShannon Area Control CentreStandby
136.050Dublin ControlDublin Area Control CentreStandby
136.075Bristol RadarBristol (EGGD)Radar (GD RAD)
136.150Dublin ControlDublin Area Control CentreStandby
136.200Stansted DirectorTC Stansted (EGSS)Final Director (SS FIN)
136.275London ControlStandby
136.465Maastricht RadarMaastricht Upper Area ControlJever Sector
136.550London ControlStandby
136.575Scottish ControlScottish Area ControlNorth Low Sector (NTHLO)
136.600London ControlLondon Area ControlSector 16 - Dover High (S16)

Note that these frequencies were taken from the now defunct Direct Pole Hill website.